Data Center Solutions

The last several years witnessed the introduction of new transformational technologies in the data center aiming to optimize the investment and operation efficiencies of the companies. Virtualization technology allowed data center operators to capitalize on their computing, storage and networking resources, while reducing the provisioning time of new servers and applications. Cloud computing deployment scenario utilizes the virtualization technique to pool the computing and storage resource of the data center, and share it between the running platforms and applications on top of it, and make it accessible to the end users and endpoints through their networks. Three main deployment models for the cloud are adopted, Public Cloud, Private Cloud and the Hybrid. Also, cloud identified three main categories of service model, including Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Application as a Service.

Deploying and operating a cloud require a wide range of technical expertise which spans the application, platform, virtualization, servers, virtualization environment, information security, network, network services, network security, storage, and Disaster Recovery solutions.​ Organizations will deploy the cloud computing deployment model, and cloud services based on their size and requirements.

Dot Future has all the required set of expertise to prepare, plan, design, implement, and operate a complete data center solution.

In partnership with Cisco, HP, EMC, VMware and Microsoft, Dot Future offers:

  • Data Center Network Virtualization

  • Server Consolidation

  • Storage Consolidation

  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Deployment

  • Unified Storage

  • Backup, archive and replication

  • DR and Business Continuity

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